Hinergy Double Arm Solar LED Street Light for Outdoor Lighting from China Manufacturer

Hinergy Double Arm Solar LED Street Light for Outdoor Lighting from China Manufacturer
  • LED Sources:
    Bridgelux 40W
  • Solar Panel:
  • Battery:
    Lithium Battery
  • Charge Time:
    5-7 Hours
  • Working Time:
    4-5 Rainy Days
  • Power Range:

Solar led lights is designed and built for general commercial, industrial and residential projects. Smart lighting profile for auto power compensation during low light and poor weather conditions. 


Hinergy Double Arm Solar LED Street Light for Outdoor Lighting from China Manufacturer.



*Integrated Design: LED, Lithium battery, Micro-controller in one system.

*Light Sources: LED solar street light with Bridgelux 5050 LED chip.

*Long Lifespan Solar Battery: High power capacity and long life LifePO4 solar lithium battery.

*Adjustable: Solar panel can be adjusted match the various region installation.

*Easy Installation: Suit for Horizontal & Vertical Installation .

*Safety & Convenience: No external wires, easy for installation, transportation and replacement.

*Quality and Grade: CE and RoHS certified. IP65 Outdoor waterproof 3 years warranty.



Product No.  Lumens    Solar Panel  Lithium Battery    Light Height    Light Distance
FP-01B 2000 LM 40W/18V 9AH/12V 3-5 M 8-10 M
FP-02B 3000 LM 50W/18V 12AH/12V 3-5 M 10-13 M
FP-03B 4000 LM 60W/18V 16AH/12V 5-6M 12-15 M
FP-04B 5000 LM 60W/18V 18AH/12V 6-7 M 14-17 M
FP-05B 6000 LM 80W/18V 22AH/12V 6-8M 16-19 M
FP-06B 8000 LM 80W/18V 24AH/12V 7-8 M 19-21 M
Notes: The above datasheet is only for reference, We can make production according to customer standards.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q:Can we make a sample order before mass production?

A:Yes, we can make several samples for your quality evaluation before mass production.


Q: What’s your solar LED lights products scope?
A: Our main products is including solar led street light, solar garden light, solar lawn light,solar wall light,solar landscape light…


Q: How to install double arm solar LED street light?
A:Firstly, fix LED lamp body to the light arm,secondly, install solar panel , thirdly, to connect the solar street lamp and solar panel with solar cables, finally adjust solar panel angle.


Q:How to work the double arm solar LED street light?
A:Solar panel charge the battery in daytime,intelligent control system drive LED to work at dusk, 4 kinds of working mode is optional.


Q:What’s color temperature?

A:Color temperature is a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light bulb (lamp). It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000.

• Warm white = 2700K-3200K
• Natural white = 4000K-4500K
• Pure white = 5000K-5500K
• Cool white = 6000K-6500K

Q: What to do with the rainy day or cloudy day? 

A:The outdoor solar led light is waterproof. After fully charged, it can work for several rainy/ cloudy days.


Q:Why the charging efficiency is low in winter or cloudy day?
A:Generally the sunlight standard is 1000kw/m2, in the winter or cloudy day, it is much lower than standard, so the charging efficiency is lower accordingly.


Q:If the solar lamp can not work, how to deal with it?
A:In Winter, the sunlight intensity is lower than standard sunlight(1000kw/m2), it need more time for charging.The battery maybe can’t reserve electricity any more, so you need replace battery, it will be fine with new battery.

Q:What’s the warranty of your outdoor solar LED lights?
A:Generally,the warranty is 3-5 years for solar LED lamp.If need more lifespan,we will sent news offer.


Q:What’s your delivery time?
A:It’s 3-5 days for samples, 7-15 days for mass production after receiving down payment.


Q:What’s your payment term?
A:We could accept payment by TT, LC, Western Union, Trade Assurance, et. We believe that more kinds of payment terms would be acceptable in the future.


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