3 Phase 20KW Grid Tie Solar Inverter Price Made in China

3 Phase 20KW Grid Tie Solar Inverter Price Made in China
  • Output Type:
    3/N/PE, 3W+PE(Opt)
  • Model:
    Growatt 10000-20000UE
  • Output Power:
    10-20 KW
  • Input Voltage:
  • Output Voltage:
  • Output Frequency:

DC input voltage up to 1000V,Max.eff. of 98%, Internal DC switch,Multi MPP controller,Transformerless,MTL-String, Sound control.Ethernet/RF technology / WiFi


3 Phase 20KW Grid Tie Solar Inverter Price Made in China


• DC input voltage up to 1000V.
• Max efficiency 98%.
• Internal DC switch,Transformerless.
• Multi MPP controller.
• MTL – String.
• Ethernet/RF technology/WiFi.
• Sound control.
• Easy installation.
• Comprehensive Growatt warranty program.



ModelGrowatt 10000UEGrowatt 12000UEGrowatt 18000UEGrowatt 20000UE
 Input Data (DC)
 Max. DC Power1100W13200W19800W22000W
 Max. DC Voltage1000V1000V1000V1000V
 Start Voltage350V350V350V350V
 PV Voltage Range180V-1000V
 MPP voltage range300V-1000V 300V-1000V 300V-1000V 300V-1000V
 Nominal Voltage600V600V600V600V
 Full load DC voltage range400V-800V400V-800V400V-800V400V-800V
 Max. Input Current15A /15A17A /17A23A/23A26A/26A
 Max. Input Current Per String20A20A20A20A
 Number of Independent MPP
Trackers /strings per MPP tracker
 Output Data (AC)
 Rated AC Output Power10 KW12 KW18 KW20 KW
 Max. AC Apparent Power10 KWA12 KWA18 KWA20 KWA
 Max. Output Current16A19A28.6A32A
 AC Nominal Voltage; Range230V/400V; 184V-275V
 AC Grid Frequency50,60 Hz; 44-55Hz/54-65Hz
 Power Factor at Rated Power1
 Displacement Power Factor Configurable0 overexcited to 0 underexcited
 AC Grid Connection Type3/N/PE, 3W+PE(Opt)
 Max. Efficiency98%98%98%98%
 Euro -ETA97.5%97.5%97.5%97.5%
 MPPT Efficiency99.5%99.5%99.5%99.5%
 Protection Devices
 DC Reverse Polarity Protectionyesyesyesyes
 DC Switch Rating for Each MPPToptoptoptopt
 Output AC Over Current Protectionyesyesyesyes
 Output AC Over Voltage Protection
 Ground Fault Monitoringyesyesyesyes
 Grid Monitoringyesyesyesyes
 Integrated All – Pole Sensitive Leakage  Current Monitoring Unityesyesyesyes
 General Data
 Dimensions (W*H*D) MM490*740*235490*740*235570*740*235570*740*235
 Weight (KG)41416060
 Operating Temperature Range–25°C ∼+60°C with derating above 45°C
 Noise Emission (Typical)≤55 dB(A)
 Altitude2000m without derating
 Self-Consumption Night<0.5 W
 Standby Consumption12 W
 Cooling ConceptSmart cooling
 Environmental Protection RatingIP 65
 Relative Humidity0∼100%
 DC ConnectionH4/MC4(opt)
 AC connectionScrew terminal
 Interfaces: RS232/R485/LAN/RF/ WiFi/GPRSyes /yes/opt/opt/opt/opt
 Warranty: 5 years / 10 yearsyes /opt
 Certificates and ApprovalsVDE-AR-N4105, CEI 0-21, CEI 0-16, CE, VDE 0126-1-1, IEC 62109, RD 1663, G59, C-tick, AS4777, AS/NZS 3100, IEC61727, IEC62116, BDEW(For 18-20k), IEC 60068,
IEC 61683, NRS 097-2-1, PEA, G59, EN50438, PEA, MEA

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